Welcome to West Ridge Community

West Ridge is a community in Conway, SC.  The first houses were built in March of 2007.

Some of the homes in our community were built by Portrait Homes and others by DR Horton.

We are a community of 130 homes with a pool and small community center. Centrally located between 501 & 544, north of Burning Ridge Road and South of Singleton Ridge Road and about 1 mile from Conway Medical Center.

For those residents who previously had an account with hoa-express.com:  See Important Update section for info

Goose Explosion

We have a real situation in our neighborhood and that is the over abundance of geese.  As homeowners, we need to take action to deter them and not encourage them.

  1. DO NOT FEED the geese anything.
  2. Temporarily stop feeding the birds. The geese are very attracted to the food that the birds drop on the ground.
  3. if homeowners would like they can put up rope or wire around their property or just at the edge of the water, we would encourage you to do so.